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Pain Management at the Texas Institute of Pain & Spine

If you’re a Pearland, TX resident needing pain management options, the Texas Institute of Pain & Spine is here to help! We understand living with chronic pain can be highly debilitating. That’s why our team of seasoned professionals work day-in and day-out to help patients fight and overcome pain, particularly associated with the spine. You do not have to sit and allow your quality of life to dwindle due to spinal stenosis and other spinal issues. Our institute offers many excellent solutions to combat chronic spinal pain, including the highly effective, VertiFlex Superion Procedure. Together, we will walk hand-in-hand down the path towards recovery.

What is Spinal Stenosis? How Does It Occur?

Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that results in painful, unwanted pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. Your spinal column consists of 24 bones, or vertebrae, and houses the central nerve highway for most of the communication between your brain and the rest of your body. You also have soft cushions between each vertebra to help protect them from rubbing against each other and pinching those nerves. Over time, however, your spinal canal can narrow and begin tweaking or squeezing those nerves. This is called spinal stenosis, and it can result in numbness, tingling, as well as leg and back pain.

What is the VertiFlex Superion?

The VertiFlex Superion is an “H”-shaped interspinous implant we place between the vertebrae to hold it open, relieving pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal. This implant acts as a spinal spacer, and its anatomic design and multiple sizes can accommodate and preserve any patient’s anatomy. Superion is used to improve spine and back pain, thus improving a patient’s ability to maintain motion. At Texas Institute of Pain & Spine, our goal is to help our patients overcome their chronic pain caused by spinal stenosis, so be sure to visit us if you think Superion could be the right pain management solution for you.

How Does Superion Deliver Spinal Pain Relief?

If you feel sudden relief in your spine when you lean forward, then you should consider asking the Texas Institute of Pain & Spine about receiving the Superion procedure. This implant works to relieve pressure on the affected nerves the same way one would achieve spinal pain relief by getting in a seated, bent over, or flexed position.  After our consultation, we can decide if the device will be best for you and your spinal anatomy. Made of titanium, this lightweight pain management device is strong enough to give you lasting relief and is even biocompatible! This helps to significantly reduce the risk of inflammation or rejection from the body.

Are You a Good Candidate for Superion?

Suitable candidates in Pearland, TX and beyond include those who are going through spine pain created by spinal stenosis. This implant option can also benefit those who have tried to relieve their pain for up to six months with other, more conventional treatments, with little to no success. If you’ve been told other surgical options may be too demanding, Superion is far less invasive and may even prove to be the help you’ve been needing. The following symptoms help indicate if you are a proper candidate for Superion:

  • You experience intermittent groin, buttock, or leg pain
  • You become exacerbated by standing or walking
  • You typically only feel spinal relief when in a sitting or leaning forward position
  • You feel cramping and weakness in legs and toes from walking and other physical activity
  • You have tried a plethora of other pain management solutions with no lasting relief
VertiFlex Superion Treatment for spinal issues at Texas Institute of Pain & Spine in Pearland, TX

What is the Superion Procedure Like?

The Superion procedure is an out-patient treatment that only takes about a half-hour to complete, and our specialists can have you home within a few hours once finished with the procedure. This minimally invasive procedure only requires a one-inch incision where we implant the Superion device through a dime-sized tube. Our specialists use fluoroscopic guidance to help install the equipment quickly and accurately. There is no tissue or bone damage associated with the procedure, and patients experience minimal blood loss throughout the process. We’ll place the implant to sit perfectly between the troubled vertebrae as a means to offer quick relief, the same relief you would experience when leaning forward.

Radiofrequency Ablation in Pearland

Life After Receiving the Superion Procedure

After the Superion procedure is completed, you will begin feeling a significant reduction in pain within the first few days. We will help to guide you through the healing process to ensure the implant delivers lasting pain management. At first, we simply ask for you to avoid all physical activity to help yourself and incision heal as quickly as possible. Following our guidelines will help you benefit the most from the procedure. And before you know it, you’ll be back to full health with the pain relief you have been seeking. Most patients have recorded satisfaction up to 60 months after this pain management procedure, but please reach out to us if you feel any discomfort or the pain returns after you have left the Texas Institute of Pain & Spine. We have seen Superion effectively deliver relief to our patients all across the region, and we think you deserve the same peace of mind.

Ready for a Spine Pain Relief? Call Today!

When you are ready to seek out professional pain management options for your aching spine, consider calling the Texas Institute of Pain & Spine in Pearland, TX and scheduling a consultation. Our seasoned team and qualified leader, Dr. Lance LaFleur M.D., always have our patients’ best interests in mind, and we are dedicated to helping locals obtain pain relief when they need it most. If other procedures and treatments haven’t worked for you, contact us today and learn more about how getting the Superion procedure might be your best bet for spinal pain management.

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