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Discover Lasting Relief from Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain can be debilitating and negatively impact your quality of life. If you’re among the many people suffering from vertebrogenic chronic low back pain (CLBP), your ongoing pain and discomfort most likely affect nearly every aspect of your daily lifestyle. But you don’t have to continue struggling alone with your pain. At the Texas Institute of Pain and Spine, we help treat patients suffering from chronic pain of all types in Pearland, TX and the surrounding areas, proudly offering Intracept® treatment for those diagnosed with CLBP. The Intracept® procedure is a revolutionary new treatment specifically developed as a minimally invasive alternative to surgery and the lasting solution to your CLBP symptoms.

Don’t let your chronic pain persist. Dr. LaFleur and his team of pain management experts are prepared to help you regain control of your life. Learn more today and discover the pain relief you deserve.

Intracept® – The Modern Approach to Effective Pain Therapy

Patients living with chronic low back pain can suffer from the symptoms for many months – or even several years. In the past, patients were often diagnosed and treated for discogenic pain, which focused on treating the vertebral disc itself, but medical research has shown that pain in many CLBP patients originates from within the vertebrae and not the disc.

The Intracept® procedure has only recently been introduced as a more effective treatment for vertebrogenic CLBP. A recent study of Intracept® patients indicated significant reductions in pain and improvements in function lasting for more than five years after the procedure, with more than a third of patients reporting a pain- and symptom-free experience.

How Intracept® Treatment Works

Chronic low back pain can potentially be related to excess pressure on the basivertebral nerve found in the vertebral bone in the lower back. The basivertebral nerve is responsible for transmitting pain signals from the vertebrae to the brain and spinal cord, but factors like age and spinal degeneration can interfere with its functionality. The additional stress can cause this internal branch of vertebral nerves to send constant pain signals to your brain, inevitably leading to the symptoms of lower back pain.

Intracept® treatment stabilizes the basivertebral nerve by disrupting the continual transmission of pain signals to other body parts. This safe, minimally invasive procedure begins with a small 3-5mm incision made in the lower back to target the affected nerve and block its ability to send pain signals. This is achieved by inserting a specialized probe into the vertebral body and ablating the basivertebral nerve with radiofrequency energy.

What to Expect From Intracept Treatment

Many patients experience immediate, prolonged relief from the CLBP symptoms after undergoing Intracept® treatment. The procedure is highly effective at treating vertebrogenic CLBP, and patients can expect a much shorter recovery time and quicker return to daily activities compared to traditional forms of treatment. Since the Intracept® procedure targets the source of pain – rather than simply masking the symptoms – the relief is often long-lasting, allowing CLBP patients like you to get back to doing what you love without the pain.

The Comprehensive Approach to Your Chronic Pain

It’s time to take the fight back to your chronic low back pain. At the Texas Institute of Pain and Spine, we’re dedicated to bringing lasting relief and producing the best possible outcomes by working closely with our patients and developing comprehensive action plans appropriate to the diagnosis.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your chronic pain and discomfort once and for all, contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our pain specialists today.

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