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Answering Houston, TX’s Questions About Regenexx®

Texas Institute of Pain and Spine wants you to feel at ease with all the medical treatments we provide for chronic pain. Regenexx® is an innovative treatment alternative to surgery that uses your body’s natural healing ability to repair damage and relieve pain. Using patients’ biological healing components has reached new heights with Regenexx®’s advancements in techniques and technology. Our regenerative specialists understand treatments like these can stir up questions from patients, so we’ve taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any other questions, we invite you to contact us for answers.

Are You a Candidate for Regenexx®?

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How Is Regenexx® Different from Other Similar Procedures?

With Regenexx® procedures, we provide same-day harvesting and reinjection into a patient with a higher count of the required material from the extraction. Instead of using a typical centrifuge in the concentration process, Regenexx® uses specialized technology and techniques to collect 500% more of the necessary material than other methods. This quick turnaround with a high material volume allows patients to heal sooner and with better results than other conventional procedures.

Can You Treat More than One Area Simultaneously?

While treating multiple areas at a time is possible, our ability to perform it varies by case. The dosage for Regenexx® treatments sets it apart from other similar therapies, and we take your biological material count and many other factors into account to ensure you get the best outcome. This includes deciding whether we can treat multiple areas.

Does Age Make a Difference in Treatment?

So far, research on the procedure and the following results have shown age does not play a significant role in treatment. More specifically, patients of advanced ages should not expect their age to adversely impact the outcomes of these procedures.

What Post-Injection Rehabilitation Can I Expect?

Rehabilitation following injection depends on which procedure we perform. The down-time after treatment is typically significantly less than after surgery, but some treatments warrant recovery time. For example, if we use Regenexx® to treat knee arthritis, expect three days of down-time and over six weeks as you slowly return to normal activities. While some patients might need a brace, very few will require crutches.

Will Regenexx® Regrow Cartilage in Arthritis Cases?

While treatment for mild to moderate arthritis has shown cartilage growth in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it is generally not seen in severe cases.

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